Brown Sugar Boiled Cassava Recipe

Here is the recipe for Boiled Cassava Palm Sugar:


– 500 grams of cassava, peeled and cut into pieces
– 200 grams of palm sugar, shaved or finely sliced
​​– 2 pandan leaves, tie a knot
– Enough water
– Salt to taste (optional)


1. Boil the cassava pieces in a large saucepan with enough water until the cassava is tender. Add a pinch of salt to the cooking water to give the cassava a bit of flavor (optional). Check the softness of the cassava by piercing it with a fork, if it is soft, remove it from the cooking water.

2. Drain the boiled cassava and let it cool for a while.

3. In another pot, heat the water and add the palm sugar and pandan leaves. Stir until the palm sugar dissolves and forms a thick solution.

4. Put the cassava pieces into the palm sugar solution. Cook over low heat while continuing to stir so that the cassava is evenly coated with palm sugar. Let the palm sugar solution seep into the cassava for a few minutes.

5. Remove the cassava that has been coated with palm sugar and serve.

Cassava Boiled Palm Sugar is ready to eat. You can enjoy it warm or cold according to taste. Good luck!

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